Journalism, 2000 - present.

Big Infrastructure

Popular Science | The Future-Proofing Engine (May 2017) | climate change & infrastructure in Dubai

WIRED | Redesigning the Sky (Feb 2009) | the design of the airspace over NYC

WIRED | Storm Center (September 2006) | a satellite operations center for NOAA

Urban Omnibus | In Praise of Slowness (Jan 2009) | thoughts on writing about the city

Block by Block | Local Cities, Global Problems (2007) | Jane Jacobs in the anthropocene

Metropolis | Planning Rwanda (Nov 2007) | urban planning for an African nation

New Yorker | Rare Bird (April 2007) | the A380 arrives in NYC

Metropolis | IDEO’s Urban Pre-Planning (Oct 2006) | redesigning the idea of a city

New Yorker | George W. Bush Builds His Dream House (July 2000) | news about a ranch in Texas


Popular Science |The Perfect Boat (Spring 2018) | a profile of sailboat designer Bruce Kirby

Vanity Fair | Children of the Drone (June 2013) | a profile of artist James Bridle

WIRED | The Ultrabuilder (Nov 2007) | a profile of supertall engineer Bill Baker

Metropolis | The Long View (Nov 2008) | a profile of landscape architect James Corner

Metropolis | The Elementalist (July 2007) | a profile of architect Brad Cloepfil

Metropolis | Saint Brad (March 2008) | a profile of Brad Pitt and the challenge of New Orleans

Metropolis | Change is Good (July 2003) | a profile of designer Bruce Mau

Metropolis | The Active Edge (March 2006) | a profile of landscape architect Michael van Valkenburgh


New York Times | Art Capturing Art Capturing Art (Sept 2006) | a prism of Foer, Sugimoto and Serra

New York Times | The Modern’s Other Renovation (Sept 2003) | typographic scrutiny at MoMA

Metropolis | Dreaming In Code (March 2007) | a profile of web artist Jonathan Harris

New York Times | A Serra Sculpture Emerges From Its Tomb (Nov 2003) |irony at SFMOMA

Metropolis | Sound Barrier (March 2003) | a suicide barrier for Toronto


New York Times | Rwanda's Haunting Present (May 2005) | on being a genocide tourist